Monday, May 20, 2013

BB Cream Believer

Skin renew
For four out of the last six weeks I've been in and out of airports all over - Nashville, LA, Chicago, North Carolina.  I've loved every second, but all the flying + all the different waters can be totally tough on my skin.  Combine that with the fact that even though I love makeup (just look at my Pinterest,) I'm not an expert.  I'm talking I do my eyes, eyebrows, swipe on some blush, a lip tint, and I'm out the door.  I do not do foundation.  Or concealer.  Literally don't even know where to start (is that bad?!)  SO when every single cosmetic company started coming out with these self proclaimed 'miracle' BB (beauty balm) creams, I couldn't wait to try.  And then I tried a bunch I absolutely did not like.  Enter in one of my monthly magazines and a free sample.  Thank you Garnier BB Cream - you life saver, you.  I now swear by it.  I love it.  Perfect shade, perfect blend, completely evens out my complexion!  It even has SPF without being too heavy.  I literally work out for 40 minutes every day during my lunch hour and this does.not.budge.  GO try it!

What's your fav BB cream?  Is there another brand I should be trying?

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