Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Wreath {Deco Mesh DIY}

Do you know what today is?!  If you said "It's the day you leave on an Italian vacation!" ding, ding, ding, you're right!  I can't wait to experience Italy for the second time!

With that said, I recently DIY-ed a Halloween wreath and wanted to post it before we leave since we get back only a week away from the festive holiday!

What I Purchased:
Medium size square wreath frame (to switch it up)
21" Orange metallic deco mesh (main color)
21" Black/striped metallic deco mesh (accent color)
Small Halloween decoration (for middle of wreath)

I found everything I needed at the local JoAnn Fabrics and had two coupons so my total rang in at less than $40.  I'm sure some of the supplies are on clearance by now, so yours may be less.  It's still a whole lot cheaper than buying the expensive version on Etsy!!

Since this is on a wire wreath frame with deco mesh, I basically combined my previous tutorials for the Christmas Wreath and the Burlap Wreath.  I tied one end of the orange deco mesh to the wire frame with a simple double knot to secure it.  Every 4-6 inches, I gathered the deco mesh and wound it either under or over the wire. I kept the orange on the outer two areas, so you can see in the materials picture the two wire barriers I used for this over/under technique.  You will use the entire roll of deco mesh if you are aiming for a fluffed look.  Once happy with the orange, I secured the black striped deco mesh and began looping it from the inner wire out to achieve the accent look.  I did not use all of the black striped deco mesh since it's just an accent.  Finally, I used a loop of deco mesh to knot the Halloween decoration where I liked it.  Make sure you're loops are fluffed appropriately and you're finished!

As a side note, I thought the square wreath frame would make the actual wreath itself more of a pronounced square.  As you can see, it still looks like a general circle wreath, so next time I will just stick to the wire circle frame.  Those corners were hard to maneuver around!!

Enjoy your Halloween wreath!

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