Monday, November 12, 2012

A True Classic

After my dad passed away, Carl & I happened to be the first ones to stumble upon the temporary marker at the cemetery.  We happened to be out and about and I wanted to stop by.  The flowers were gone and in their place was a small black stone with a peaceful dove and my dad's name printed on it.  It caught me off guard.  Setting something in stone makes it a reality (not that it wasn't already.)

A couple of weeks ago, my mom came home and informed us my dad's official marker had been placed.  And I didn't go.  I didn't go that day or that week.  Or even in the month of October for that matter.

I went today.  It was a crisp 35 degrees with a brisk wind, but it was a beautiful day.  I got a latte on the way since Dad always treated us to all kinds of coffee (Starbucks, Gloria Jean's, Intelligentsia, you name it.)  I sat on the bench and drank my coffee and thought about my dad.

His bench perfectly represents the man he was and the way everyone remembers him.  It's a strong, sharp looking bench.  The lettering is traditional and the black granite is classic.  There is willow tree to the left and it makes me think of sitting there, reading a good book on a warm, breezy day.  And that's exactly what my dad would've wanted.


  1. My grandma passed away 3 years ago on the 17th of this next month. I still haven't gone to her grave because its just too hard. I can't imagine how it would feel if it were a parent.

    I know he's so proud of you though! You're a great girl and I'm so glad you've got a special angel watching out for you from heaven :)

  2. Thank you for such sweet words Sarah! :)