Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chicago Chocolate Tours

Do you ever feel like Groupon just gets inside your mind sometimes?  It's like Groupon knows there is something that has been catching your eye in emails so it just keeps emailing about it.  That's what happened here.  I kept getting Chicago Chocolate Tours deals in my Groupon emails.  And who doesn't want to walk around Chicago and eat chocolate for 3 hours?!  As I mentioned before, my office is big on team building, so (after 17 Groupon emails) I eventually organized a chocolate filled outing for all of us.

Since we were going as a group, I contacted customer service for a group rate.  They were always quick to respond and very helpful.  We decided on taking the group rate on a public tour, but Chicago Chocolate Tours also offers private tours for any event, like a birthday, bachelorette party, etc.  When 12:45PM rolled around on Monday afternoon, we were all pretty excited to partake in the Downtown Loop tour.  The first stop was Macy's (previously the famous Marshall Fields) where we tasted the signature Frango mint and also indulged in other chocolates from the world assortment.  The tour went up the Walnut Room, showcased one of the original Frango machines and highlighted a chocolate sculpture.  We stopped to admire the Tiffany's ceiling on the main floor, and then we were on our way to Toni's Patisserie.  What a cute cafe!  I definitely plan on going back there to enjoy a bite to eat.  The brownie we sampled at Toni's was rich, chocolate decadence.  After enjoying the quaint shop, the tour guided us to Fannie May, where the employees were by far the most generous with the samples.  Naturally, we tried the famous turtle, but we also tasted the new artisan line and were given a couple chocolates to take home as well.  Around the corner, the tour came to the last stop - Argo Tea.  Who would have thought, right?!  But yes, we drank chocolate chai tea and it was delish.  Overall, it was a great experience!  The guide was really informative, so we learned about chocolate, little tidbits about the city, and of course also got to try all kinds of chocolate desserts. 

Chicago Chocolate Tours has several additional routes and during the winter they offer a gourmet hot chocolate tour too, so I have feeling Carl and I may make a date night out of another tour sometime!

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