Thursday, September 5, 2013

Accounting Chefs in the Kitchen

What do ya think about that title?  Not happening, am I right?!  But it did!  The company I work for puts a huge emphasis on team work so they encourage team events.  Sometimes we plan smaller specific team events and other times larger outings.  This time was the latter option; our entire financial services team competed in an Iron Chef of sorts!  And it was a blast!

We walked down the street to Kendall College because they offer 'Home Chef' classes for those not looking to obtain a degree.  They split us into two groups and from there into smaller sections to work on protein, starch, veggies, and (of course) dessert.  It was great!  We had an hour in the kitchen with a legit chef helping with ideas and students also helping out.  Ultimately we split the food winnings; my team taking starch (my group!) and dessert with the other team swiping protein and veggies.  The tie breaker was which kitchen was cleanlier, so we conceded the win.. womp, womp.  BUT we did get to enjoy all the food.

What I'm really excited about is finding this new college.  I looked up more of their 'Home Chef' offerings and they sound really interesting.  Classes are split between beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Some of the beginning classes are one night, 6-9PM, while some of the advanced classes have a more 'boot-camp' type name and feel stretching over both days of the weekend.  Seriously, once we move into the city I am definitely participating in these!  Artisan pizza, beer enthusiast, and pies and tarts?!  You guys, they're about to have a regular!

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