Monday, October 8, 2012

A Dog Update Too

I've included an update on myself and I intend to include one on Carl when we finally get surgery dates, so today I'm doing a doggy update.  You all know I act like my dogs are my kids anyway, hah. 

Coach and Lolli are adjusting fabulously to staying at my mom's house for a bit.  Coach had a couple of rough days after Carl went back to North Carolina, but hello separation anxiety, we expected that.  My mom's yard is much, much larger than our yard was in NC so the dogs are obsessed with being outside.  The weather is also much cooler, so if the dogs had their choice I think they would sunbathe outdoors all day, chewing on the occasional stick or two.

Of course, Lolli is also quite comfortable laying around inside all day as well.

They traveled better than usual this move which was much appreciated.  I had purchased one of the traveling seat covers this past December since I drove the car home and it has leather seats.  While packing though, I found a spare twin size fitted sheet and decided to use that as a seat cover.  It worked wonders!  Seriously, don't invest in one of those seat covers, a fitted sheet works just as well and is less expensive!

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