Sunday, April 7, 2013

Brew Review: Goose Island Brewpub

I attended a function Wednesday afternoon that was held at Goose Island Brewpub's Clybourn location.  The atmosphere was laid back and the beer was great!  The food was a bit bland, but I believe you'll have that when a restaurant aims to please 50 people with only a couple options.
For appetizers, the cheese selection the brewpub carries is tastey.  That says a lot coming from me since I am not a cheese person (and I married a man from the cheese state of Wisconsin..crazy, right?! haha).  On the other hand, I normally love any type of hummus but this was super bland.  It won't be something I order again.  The main meal was rotisserie chicken - also bland - accompanied by brussel sprouts.  Although the chicken was bland, the brussel sprouts were amazingly seasoned and I could not get enough of them.  With that said, I totally think anyone who knows how to make brussel sprouts hit the spot can make a mean meal.  Towards the end, four different dessert bars were presented and I was a fan of all four.  I've checked out the standard menu options and I seriously cannot wait to go back with Carl.

Beer wise, they have so many stouts that it was hard to choose and you all know I love a good flavored stout.  I settled on the Imperial Coffee Stout, Resolutions, and let me tell you - this stout does not disappoint!  It was so good; very dark with a powerful espresso flavor.  From there I wanted to try a Goose Island barrel aged selection.  I ordered The Albatross, a Rittenhouse Rye Barrel-Aged beer.  The whiskey taste from aging in a barrel was faint along with a slight chocolate taste; also a great beer.  I did have sips of the other two barrel aged picks - Grand Delusions and Triple B.  I'll admit Grand Delusions made me forget it was beer; the whiskey taste was so strong I thought I was sipping whiskey on the rocks.  Triple B didn't taste as strong to me, it just wasn't my favorite flavor among the three.  Overall, I'm happy with the beer choices I made.  Next time I will definitely get a flight so I can try more!

What's your favorite Goose Island beer?

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