Sunday, March 10, 2013

Restaurant Review: Three Floyds

If you live in the Northwest Indiana/Chicago-land area, have you been to Three Floyds Brewing Co?  If not, you should definitely go!  The brews are awesome and the food is good too.  If you happen to go on a Saturday, you can even get a tour. 

Visiting breweries and wineries is something Carl and I love to do together.  With that said, this is where we had our Valentine's Day meal with a couple beers and a sampler flight.  Yum.  On the sampler (consisting of four of their beers), the Pride and Joy was definitely my favorite.  It's an American Mild Ale and the menu describes it as a "smooth, medium bodied session beer with bright citrus hop aroma and finish."  Out of the others that we had ordered glasses of, I favored the Czech Booty Kamp, a Czech-style pilsner and Carl loved the Gumballhead, their traditional wheat beer with a citrus finish. 

Food wise, we got the Triple Threat and the Schnitzel.  The Triple Threat is a spicy pork sausage...seriously spicy, but good if that's what you have a taste for.  The Schnitzel was awesome.  We also ordered two sides of their Crispy French Fries (with herb butter) and let me tell must order these if you go!  We are not particularly 'fry' people; we can usually take them of leave them.  But not these, we finished every single fry!  As a bonus, since we both had our military IDs, they gave us a whopping 50% off our entire bill, including the drinks and sampler flight!  I do believe that's the best military discount we've ever received.  Big props, Three Floyds!

What's your favorite Three Floyds beer?  And have you tried the food?  I'd love to know!

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