Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wonderful Wineries: Butler Winery & Vineyards

As I've mentioned before, Carl and I love visiting breweries and wineries, sampling flights of beer, and tasting wines.  We recently stopped at the Chesterton location of Butler Winery & Vineyards.  It's located right downtown Chesterton at 401 Broadway in a converted house building.  They do free tasting for six wines and the tastes are a decent size in the traditional wine glass.  Once you've tasted your share, you can purchase a glass or bottle to enjoy there in a couple different welcoming spaces they have created.

I tend to lean towards sweet wines and Carl always goes for fruit wines, so we did not try any of their drys or semi-drys.  With that said, between the two of us we tried about all the sweet and fruit wines and we were impressed.  I've been looking for a new go-to sweet red and I do believe I've found it here.  Butler's Vineyard Red is my answer.  It's not too sweet, nor does it leave the extremely sugary feeling in your mouth as some too-sweet wines do.  It's the perfect balance for a sweet red.  And while I was a huge fan of the Vineyard White (same description as above - just sweet enough,) Carl thoroughly enjoyed the Apple.  Together, we were both extremely pleased with the Blueberry wine.  It's a great fruit wine with an interesting cinnamon finish.  Great combination!

We ended up buying four bottles because we are such fans.  I believe they told us about a 3 bottle discount of 10%, but since it's local and we will be back for more, they give a reusable wine bottle tote out.  With that tote we get 15% off our purchase and the next I stock up, as long as I have that tote, I will continue to receive 15% off.  Works great for us!

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