Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Last August, I made this great side salad that Carl and I swore we couldn't wait to try doctored up as a main course.  Fast forward 10 months and we finally got around to trying it!  I must say, it was even better as dinner.

Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad - the dinner version

1 box Ronzoni Smart Taste 2.5x the fiber pasta
1 large red onion
5 stalks celery
3 cans cooked chunk chicken
1 bottle Franks Red Hot Wings buffalo sauce
1 bottle Walden Farms zero calorie bleu cheese dressing

Boil noodles according to directions on box.

While noodles are boiling, chop onion and celery.  Combine chopped onion, chopped celery stalks, and chicken chunks in a large bowl.  Pour about half of each dressing jar into the bowl and mix well.  After draining the cooked noodles, place in bowl, cover with the remaining dressing, and stir until the mixture is well incorporated.  You can either enjoy now or refrigerate and enjoy later!  Like I mentioned in the first post, the dish is spicier if you serve it warm right away - so dig in if you love that zing!

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  1. This sounds great. I love all things buffalo chicken. Can't wait to try it!