Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Slice of Chicago

Slice of Chicago Pizza Tours
Who doesn't want a slice of Chicago?  Such a wonderful city!  We like doing 'different' things around town (even if it may seem touristy) because we learn new tidbits of information and find out about places we may not have heard of before.  This time's adventure was the Slice of Chicago Pizza Tour and it was well worth the deal (a Christmas present for Carl purchased on Groupon.)  We both recommend it!

We met our group at Pizzeria Uno (different than the chain,) moved on to Pizzeria Ora, and finished up at Giordano's.  At each restaurant we tasted a smaller "sample" size of Chicago style pizza and listened to our guide talk about the restaurant and their style of pizza.  It's a seasonal tour, so at Pizzeria Ora there is inside seating, but the other two restaurants offer outdoor seating.  We went in May, so it was a bit chilly but overall a really enjoyable evening.  The guide is friendly and funny, the facts are interesting and the pizza is delish.  Pizzeria Uno was not my favorite (biscuit-y crust was a bit much.)  I'm glad the tour included Pizzeria Ora; it's a small, locally owned place with great food and extremely friendly service.  We'll definitely be going back since they have great deep dish and no wait, like with the well known pizzerias.  Finally, Giordano's was delicious!!  It's stuffed rather than the true deep dish, so totally different than the classic Gino's East but just as good.  We can't wait to go back and try a whole pizza our way!

What's your favorite pizza on the tour?  Let me know if there's some good Chicago deep dish I'm missing - we all know Carl loves a good deep dish.

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