Monday, January 7, 2013

If You Love Dogs...

dogs purpose sm
Let's be honest, if you love dogs and you read the book A Dog's Purpose (written by W. Bruce Cameron,) you will most likely cry.  Several times.  But it's so good, it's definitely worth a few tears.

This novel is actually written from a dog's perspective.  Just a normal dog, going through life, trying to figure out his purpose.  The thing is, he goes through several dog lives (making me tear up) while trying to figure this out.  The story line is that he will keep being re-born until he recognizes his purpose in life.  So basically, you're in for four separate, but still intertwined stories about his different dog lives all culminating towards the end.  The author does a great job of developing relationships between the dog and the human characters in the book, keeping it relevant and drawing the reader into the plot.

A Dog's Purpose is very well written and it's basically a must read for dog lovers.  I highly recommend it!

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