Monday, December 10, 2012

New Life Experience

Outside of my baking, reading, and DIY-ing, I decided it was time for a life update.  And let me prepare you - you may be quite surprised with what I'm about to tell you next: 

Last Friday, I was Mrs. Regner, aka Mrs. R. for the first in substitute teaching!  Okay, so that part is pretty believable.  But what if I told you it was for a first grade class?  Now you're getting a little suspicious.  But seriously, I did it.  And I'm glad I did.

You guys know me.. and you know I don't have kids.  To be honest, I was pretty nervous going into the whole thing.  Way back when I turned in the paperwork to the school system I specified only middle school and high school.  Well sometime mid-morning on Friday, I logged on to the website they use to keep track of openings and there it was - a four hour, afternoon only substitute teacher opening.  It struck me as a nice length of time for my first try, it was at the same elementary school I attended years ago, and the school still had the same principal.

{At this point, let me just say that I am literally all about finding coincidences, just ask Carl.  At least every other day I say to him "Oh my gosh, what a coincidence!  Now what are the chances of that happening?!"  And then if he doesn't respond I nudge him towards a response with a "Right?  I mean, don't you think so?"  Case in point, we went to the mall and I ended up parking in line with the same make/model/color car that Val drives and a look alike of what my dad drove while we were in high school.  Um, please tell me I'm not the only that thinks that is such a coincidence!}

With that said, as I read the substitute details for that afternoon my natural first thought was "Oh my goodness, what a coincidence, this totally means I was meant to log on at this moment and sign up for this opening!"  So I signed up and an hour later, twenty children were put under my supervision.  Like I mentioned above, I'm happy I did this.  For me, this is definitely 'stepping outside the box' and I'm proud that I followed through!

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