Saturday, December 29, 2012

What's Been Up

You all!  I baked a lot for Christmas Eve festivities and wanted to share everything right away...

And then I landed myself in the ER.  On Christmas.  So many IVs, so many meds, CT scans, EKGs, etc...not much worked.  From there I was transported via ambulance to a local hospital for a direct admit.  Apparently, I caught the virus that was going around, but it seems I ended up with an extremely strong strain and my body just couldn't hang.  So I spent a few days recuperating in the hospital and finally got discharged (with a slew of prescriptions) late yesterday evening.  Now I plan on being a total recluse until our flight to the Rose Bowl on Monday.  I mean, don't want to chance that trip!  Seriously, I may even wear one of the bird flu masks while I'm at O'Hare and on the plane to LAX.

After all this, hopefully I'll be able to post some of the yummy recipes soon, but bare with me!

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