Sunday, September 23, 2012

Football Sunday Side

I made this recipe a couple weeks ago.  After I tasted it, I kept thinking how it would be such a great side dish to bring to a football party or even a potluck.

Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad
(adapted from this recipe)

Frank's Red Hot Sauce
1 jar blue cheese salad dressing
1 red onion
5 stalks celery
2-3 cans of Tyson's premium chunk chicken (I used 2 cans since I was serving it as a side.  If you wanted to use this recipe as a main dish, I would use 3 cans.)
1 box noodles of your choice

Combine your bottle of blue cheese dressing with about 3/4 bottle of Frank's hot sauce (more if you like your food hot and spicy!)  Now, I am not your normal blue cheese loving person.  Even with wings.  I couldn't decide which brand to use while shopping at the commissary, so I figured I would consult with Carl and just make a quick trip to Food Lion.  Not so.  Food Lion barely carries any selection of blue cheese dressings, so between one that was being marketed as a heavy dip/dressing and the calorie free version, I chose the latter.  It served it's purpose and didn't add the insane amount of calories a normal blue cheese dressing would, win-win situation right there.

Chop the onion, the celery stalks and the chicken into similar sized pieces.  Check out the onion chopper pictured above.  One of my favorite wedding registry items right there.  I can now chop all the onions I need without tearing up or worrying about how my eyeliner/mascara will fare.

Cook your noodles per the directions on the box and after draining flash them with cold water.  As I mentioned above, I used this as a side dish, so I incorporated the whole box of noodles.  To use this as a main dish I would probably up the chicken to 3 cans and only use about 3/4 of the box of noodles.

Once everything is mixed, chopped, and cooked, combine is all together.  This can be served warm, right after it's made or refrigerated overnight and served cold.  This dish is spicier if it's eaten soon after it's made, so go for that if you're looking for a big Frank's kick.  All the flavors really blend together overnight, so if you want less of a kick, the next day is your best bet.

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