Friday, September 28, 2012

Knee Shock & a Good Book

When I started this blog, I also said I planned on including updates, so I suppose I'll consider this my first partial update.  In addition to mentioning a good book, of course.

Right before I left NC, my knee was being very irritable leaving my doctor worried that I had torn my meniscus gradually over the summer.  Fast forward a month, and it has been decided my meniscus is a-okay, meaning no surgery for me!  Yay!

However, they did diagnose my knee as having Chondromalacia.  According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, that just means the cartilage in my knee is being softened and worn down due to excessive pressure.  Instead of using strictly medical terms, my doctor made a great analogy that the area behind my knee cap should be smooth like an freshly frozen ice skating rink, but mine is more like an ice rink after a hockey game...not very smooth.  I did some research on the Mayo Clinic website too and the most common pain from this is walking up and down the stairs.  That stair pain is definitely the single reason I even went to the doctor.  I start physical therapy on Tuesday so I can eventually get back into my exercising routine (& my beloved Jillian Michaels workout DVDs!)

Now, onto this good book I referenced in the title.  Job searching all day can become like a job in itself!  Seriously!  So I've been reading off and on as well and just finished Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close.  It was a quick and easy read and I loved it.

Girls in White Dresses

I'm a fan of this type of literature so it was right up my alley, plus I found it very relatable.  The storyline follows a group of girlfriends through life right after college - about 22 - up until about 30.  It's told by several of the girls', strengthening each of their characters with just the right amount of detail.  They watch each other land real jobs, get into and out of fleeting relationships, find rewarding relationships, and attend wedding showers and weddings.  The witty book follows them through their lives and provides snapshots of their thoughts along the way.  I read it in two days, so if you enjoy this type of genre it should be a fun, fast read!

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