Friday, September 21, 2012

Tried & True - Breaking in New Shoes

Okay, so I've seen a pin floating around Pinterest about breaking in new shoes.  But I've never actually put it on one of my 'boards' ...

This morning I broke out a pair of new flats that I purchased back in June but hadn't worn yet.  After going to the dentist and being out for approximately an hour, the tops of my toes were a bit uncomfortable.  Not like "Oh my goodness, I should not have bought these!" uncomfortable; more like a tell-tale sign these puppies were going to need a good amount of wearing to make them comfortable.  This didn't gel well with the fact that I want to wear them later tonight, so I did the only sensible thing to do - looked up that pin and found the original idea here.  I tried it out and it worked!  So if you're ever in a pinch (literally) try this out.

Put on a pair of thick socks or layer a couple pairs of thinner ones.  Squeeze your feet into the shoes.  For about a minute, take a hair dryer and aim the hot air stream on the tight parts of your shoes while wiggling and flexing your toes/feet.  Keep your shoes on while they cool down.  Take off your (layer of) socks and try shoes on how you would normally wear them.  Your shoes should be stretched (!) but if they're not, you can always repeat the process to get as much room as you need.

What an easy trick!

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