Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Whew, it's been a week!  But for good reason.  My sweet husband (who is still rehabbing his shoulder in NC) showed up here on the front porch at 5am on Valentine's Day.  Um, yes, I will take that surprise over flowers!  He actually had a week break before his next physical therapy appointment and I don't start my new job until this Monday, so I took advantage of every spare second we got to spend together...and therefore slacked on blog updating.. Oops.

Anyhow, a couple weeks ago, I blogged about how much I loved reading the Beautiful Creatures novels.  Naturally, I was anticipating the movie so much we had to see it only a day after it was released.

Consider this a public service announcement:  The books are MUCH better than the movie; read them before you watch it! 

The books are so much different from the movie that at points during the show I caught myself almost not watching, but trying to piece together what was left out and what was actually happening instead.  My biggest pet peeve was that there is a large handful of very important characters in the book that are completely left out of the movie.  Of course, my other pet peeve was the serious changes to the story line.  I was expecting something of a Harry Potter or Twilight nature - easy to follow book to movie...not so.  You will not get that between this book series and this movie.  While there are four separate books in the series, the movie jumbles together events from the first three novels, making a sequel inconceivable.

I don't want to post any actual spoilers on here in case you have read the books and are planning on seeing the movie or vice versa, but I will link the article I read the second the movie ended:

The Daily Beast's 14 Notable Differences.

Also, this E! article touches on how readers of the series were disappointed with the film adaptation:

Beautiful Creatures: Why the Spell Fizzled at the Box Office.

So, have you read the books or seen the movie?  You have to let me know your thoughts if you have!!

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