Thursday, February 21, 2013

Restaurant Review: Hops Supply Co.

As you all know, I'm on my Lent-imposed hiatus from baking.  While trying to come up with blogging ideas, I thought I'd write about some of the restaurants Carl and I have been to lately.  I think we've hit some real winners and want to share with you!

Back in November, Carl was promoted to Captain and I was able to pin on his new rank.  Afterwards, we decided to forgo Jacksonville eateries and head down to Wilmington for a nice afternoon.  Staying true to our style, we chose Hops Supply Co. American Gastropub.  The atmosphere was great, similar to Carolina Ale House and Front Street Brewery, but not quite as 'loud' as either of those joints.  More importantly, the food was absolutely delicious!  Since it was a celebratory lunch of sorts, we literally had everything from appetizers to desserts and drinks.  The restaurant had just opened and this was our first time there, so we went with the recommendation of a "Hopshead Favorite" and got the Tostado-Style BBQ Braised Short Rib Nachos.  I love a good plate of nachos, but I am also extremely picky when it comes down to it.  And these passed the test.  This plate had everything a good serving of nachos should with a little extra kick to round out the taste.  We stuck to sandwiches since it was lunch time, and let me tell you - the Cuban Sandwich does not disappoint.  To spice up the normal side of fries, they have sweet potato fries instead.  These are delicious and rather than being accompanied by normal ketchup, the chef serves a sauce reminiscent of marshmallow flavoring which compliments the sweet potato taste.

Moving on to's normally hard for Carl and I to decide on a choice to split because I like rich and sweet while he favors fruit desserts.  Surprisingly enough we settled on the Brownie Sundae, but only because it boasted chopped pretzels & Kit Kat, dark beer fudge, & Chantilly cream.  The brownie base wasn't as sweet as I expected, but the overall dessert was definitely a good blend between salty and sweet tastes.

Drink wise, you all know me.  Of course I got the flight.  Hops Supply Co. offers a Flight of the Season so I was able to snag all the fall/pumpkin ales still...right up my alley!  If beer is not your thing, they have a bunch of trendy cocktails that look great and they even offer a couple draft cocktails, conjured up by combining hard liquors with either ciders or stouts.

I definitely recommend trying Hops Supply Co. American Gastropub - and let me know what you think when you do!!

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